Sample Lunch Menu 



Seasonal Veg Yogi Bowl

Quinoa, roasted sweet potato’s, roasted butternut squash, southwestern spiced roasted cauliflower, sprouts, served on a top of a chard salad with oil free tahini dressing




Kale Cesar Salad with Tempeh Bacon

Well-chopped kale salad massaged with a cashew cesar dressing consisting of shredded carrots, and croutons. Topped with a tempeh bacon and final drizzle of cashew Caesar dressing.





Cheesy Protein Power Pasta Bowl with Greens

High protein gluten free chickpea pasta noodles mixed and baked with creamy cashew cheese topped with gluten free breadcrumb. Then toped with chicken fried tofu strips. Served with a side of steamed broccoli lightly coated in vegan butter and lemon juice.





Butternut Squash Curry

A thick creamy curry with coconut milk, turmeric, cumin, cooked seasonal vegetables and fresh coriander served on top of your choice of quinoa or basmati rice. (Can add chickpeas if desired)





Falafel Burger with Beet Hummus

Homemade chickpea falafel patty with herbs served on whole wheat spelt burger bun with tomato, sprouts, avocado, and a bright beet hummus. Served with colorful mixed green salad and balsamic dressing.



Tahini Herb Millet burger

Millet burger contains tahini, parsley, millet, and spices served in butternut lettuce cups/ or on burger buns topped with pickled red onion and purple cabbage slaw




Mediterranean Goodness Bowl

Fresh quinoa parsley tabouleh, fresh vegetables such a cucumber, red beets, fresh dill, tomato, cumin roasted chickpea falafel, Greek olives and fresh yogurt tzatziki decorated with nourishing sprouts



BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Tempeh marinated homemade bbq sauce recipe cooked and served with Cole slaw in (gluten free bun or focaccia or lettuce butternut lettuce cups) Comes with a side of kettle chips.




“Classic Simple Roots” Kale Salad with Slaw

Roasted root vegetables: squash, sweet potato, yellow beets, served with a summery seasonal slaw of cabbage, carrot, broccoli served on massages kale with creamy cashew dill dressing (quinoa side option)


Tofu Egg Salad served on Sourdough

Tofu egg salad with tomato, nutritional yeast, turmeric, and red onion served in butternut lettuce cups/ or on toasted sourdough bread and a side of veggie slaw