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Vegan GF Coconut Macaroons (2 ways) Golden Milk Macaroons and Pink Cardamom.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

It's nearly X-mas or rather it's the holidays and this is ❤️100 percent my go to cookie recipe. Has been for years. And that's because it is easy.😄

It's only essentially 2-ingredients: coconuts flakes (unsweetened) and condensed milk. In this recipe I am using coconut condensed milk, making these both gluten free and vegan and did I mention easy (So redundant). Holidays should be easy this is my opinion. And that's how I like it easy homemade. Done and done. ✅

So that's it.

But let us just do a little bit of a spin on this super simple recipe by introducing some flavors..In this case we have 2 variations: Golden milk macaroons and pink cardamom macaroons. All achieved with just a little spice action. So still in my opinion easy but also a little bit more interesting.

Golden Milk Macaroons the Ingredients

-6 cups of shredded unsweetened coconut flakes or 1 bag

-1 can of coconut condensed milk

-1 tsp of cardamom

-1/2 tsp of ground ginger

-1 tsp of turmeric

-1 pinch of salt

vanilla splashy pooh

Pink Cardamom Macaroon the Ingredients

-6 cups shredded unsweetened coconut flakes or 1 bag

-1 can of coconut condensed milk

-1 tsp of cardamom

-2 tsp of beetroot powder

-2 tsp goji berry powder

- vanilla spashy pooh

-pinch of salt

Method for both

In a cast iron pan or sautée pan start by toasting your unsweetened coconut until lightly brown. This brings out the nutty flavor of the coconut. This step is really optional however I like the added flavor this brings to the recipe.

NOTE: When toasting the coconut be sure to stand there stirring as you wait to see the coconut turn a light brown.

Don't leave the stove or walk away as the coconut will burn very easily. This shouldn't take more than 10 mins on medium low heat. When coconut is toasted transfer quickly to a bowl to prevent the coconut from over cooking. Undercooked or toasted is better than burnt so be very careful not to overtoast.

Your finished product of toasting should something like this.

Finally add your entire can of coconut condensed milk to the bowl of toasted coconut flakes.

You can also add your spices and vanilla to the coconut flake and coconut condensed milk mixture.

Mix all ingredients together well using a rubber spatula, and using a mini scooper or your hands roll out your coconut macaroon balls and transfer onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

🧐NOTE: The forming of the macaroons has alot to do with how they hold together. If the mixture is too wet than there is too much coconut condensed milk so you can fix this by adding more shredded coconut. Of the mixture is too dry you'll need to add a little more coconut condensed milk. You want the balls to hold together but not fall apart. Air on the side of common sense and then you will never have to follow a recipe again for this.

Bake at 350 for 10-12 mins until you see light browning on top of the coconut macroons.

NOTE: Each oven is different and these cookies cook very quickly so if you have a oven light be sure to keep a eye on them. The bottoms will brown very fast and are prone to burning. Once you see light browning on top this is a sign you can take them out of the over.

LET COOL 5-10 mins the cookies will firm up.


My tip for melting chocolate is to add coconut oil to the chocolate.

I do this and heat the chocolate chips in a little pan. The coconut oil does 2 things

1.) It prevents the chocolate from burning

2.) The coconut oil makes the melted chocolate more liquid and will stay in peak drizzle form for longer than it would without the coconut oil.


1 cup of chocolate chips semi dark

1/3 cup of coconut oil


Add coconut oil to a small pan and heat until melted on medium low. Add chocolated and stir until chocolate has melted then turn off heat and use chocolate to drizzle over cookies.

Thanks for reading I hope this recipe helps you during this holiday season and makes your gifts a little bit sweeter.


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