Chef and Digital Creator

Taylor Mae Dean


As seen in Sedona Monthly


Welcome to Cookingwithlove my name is Taylor Mae Dean. I have a passion for food and have carried that passion with me throughout different experiences having lived and traveled in places like Hawaii, Oregon, and all over California. My cooking journey has transported me now to the wonderful area of Sedona. Starting at a young age I was always in the kitchen my mother and grandmother both taught me the fundamentals of cooking, but when I made the dietary switch to go vegetarian as a teenager I was introduced to a whole new world of information: involving nutrition, healthy living and high thinking. 

From early on I was always working in restaurants, deli's and cafe's. The last Cafe I worked at was named, Cafe Quackenbush previously located in Los Alamos, Ca and run by the amazing Chef Jesper who mentored me for a couple of years. Getting burnt out in the restaurant business and seeking more education and perspective out of my life I decided to take a much needed break. I wanted to explore learning about how to grow food and live a more health conscious lifestyle.

 I sold my car, quit my jobs, and dropped out of college to make the move to Hawaii in November 2012 and worked on a farm/ meditation center for three years. In those three years I focused exclusively on organic farming and healing my body/mind/soul via connecting with the Aina or "land" and incorporating sacred sounds into a daily meditation.  In Hawaii I was able to work for my friends who had a catering service. They also were into conscious high vibrational food made with love and care. Influences I now incorporate into my cooking on a daily basis. I also worked at a farmers market weekly, where I was able to prepare and sell food creations to the wonderful community on Big Island, raw vegan, gluten free, nut free, soy free, etc.

Now here we are today I've brought my food influences and creative style to the beautiful area of Sedona. Over the past 3 years I have been able to cook for countless retreats and clients and make beautiful connections not only with my client but the retreat attendees as well. My passion is to bring you beautiful, fresh, healthy and memorable food with love in every bite.

 Please check out the website and contact Cookingwithlove if you would like us to cook for you personally in your home or at a retreat. We offer vegan private chef services.