Private Vegan Chef Services  | Sedona ,Az|Plant Based

Welcome to the Cookingwithlove page thanks for stopping by to read up on the services.


The mission of Cookingwithlove is to provide a unique and thoughtful and compassionate experience. Our sincerest hope is to execute every service with care and the utmost consideration for clients and the environment. 


We want to care for you, and serve you food made with love and intention.  The food is prepared thoughtfully with a keen attention to ingredients and how these ingredients are prepared and sourced. The focus is plants, using living foods prepared in amazing ways to wow you and your guests. Ingredients sourced are organic as much as possible and local when available.


Cookingwithlove is a 100% plant based chef service that is dedicated to making fabulously fresh and delicious high vibe food. We do not cook, prepare or serve meat, fish, eggs or dairy. 

Responsibilities include everything relating to meal preparations for yourself, family, or your guests. This includes shopping, meal/menu planning, preparation and clean-up. These duties are performed for all regular meals, special events, yoga retreats, holidays, parties entertaining and more.